Who is Susan Turner aka SuzySharpEyes?

My passion for the written word came from my British parents. Both were avid readers and encouraged my brothers and me to have a book or magazine with us at all times. Growing up, I loved a good mystery book and could often be found at the local library perusing the latest releases.

 I have always been detail-oriented. My father coined the term Suzy Sharp Eyes when I would consistently catch print or text errors.  While I have had many different interests and professions during 40 plus years in the corporate world, the one constant has always been my grammar and spelling proficiency.  

In March 2020, I joined the Editor's Association of Canada.  It was quite inspiring to be surrounded by other people with the same passion for the written word. I was also thrilled to find out that there were so many editorial niches. I decided to opt for early retirement and pursue a new career path. 

I completed the Professional Editing Standards Certificate through Queen's University in 2021 and have launched my freelance proofreading business, SuzySharpEyes.

I look forward to working with you!

Susan Turner
March 2022

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black framed eyeglasses on book page
black framed eyeglasses on book page

Testimonials & Reviews

June 21, 2022, Re: Volunteer editing service for Selwyn Public Library monthly newsletter

SuzySharpEyes provides proofreading for the Selwyn Public Library monthly newsletter and is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is professional, approachable, and very knowledgeable. Her work is thorough, detailed, and timely. We would recommend SuzySharpEyes whole-heartedly to anyone who asks.

Heidi Eshikaty, Technology & Training Coordinator

November 23, 2022 at 6:35 PM 40000 words Parenting & Relationships

Erin was Professional and did an awesome job with my manuscript.

September 06, 2022 at 12:42 PM 30000 words Health & Fitness

I was really excited to work with this Editor. She seemed organized and detailed and I knew going in that she would find an approved draft with lots of editing needing to be done. The writing quality was sloppy despite being a premium writer and I only approved the draft because the content was there. I appreciate the amount of time and extra work that went into it that honestly if the writer had done a better job, I don't think the mistakes that were made with this order, would have happened. It was a bumpy ride but the end result I am happy with. Because the end result turned out to be very good, I will use this editor again

September 01, 2022 at 11:34 AM 25000 words Politics & Social Sciences

Thank you Erin for preparing this important manuscript!

July 27, 2022 at 11:46 PM 34730 words Other

Very easy to work with. Helpful suggestions, willing to go in a different direction if requested and very gentle with me! Thank you Erin.

(Erin is my reference name for work with some third-party clients.)

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